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Since our service is what makes the difference, we’re proud of what our clients have to say about us. Just read the testimonials below and see the difference for yourself!

Our Testimonials

“Thanks to your team, you (have) allowed me a fresh start and put me in a good place. I am doing well and making smart decisions about my finances now…Being able to pay off debt has been wonderful. I can save money and enjoy life without all the stress I was under before…Thanks again and I will never forget AFS!” – Andrew D.

I had an incredible experience with affordable financial services….I was going into contract with another company …. they saw that I was a first responder and took me under their wing … they guided me every step of the way. They were extremely professional and they really care for all first responders and getting the best deal for them!!! I would highly recommend this company to any first responders looking for a credible Mortgage company and for getting the best deal!!!!

Guided me every step of the way!

My wife and I had a great experience with Affordable Financial Services. They were very understanding and compassionate about our careers and strive to get the best rates. They really put forth a tremendous effort to make my family feel safe and secure with our future investment. I would highly recommend AFS to any first responder looking for a mortgage company. – Scot K., First Responder 

Understanding and Compassionate

We had a great experience with Affordable Financial Services. They truly care about first responders and getting the best deal for them. I would highly recommend this company to any first responders looking for a respectable mortgage company. 
– Ken D., NY First Responder

Truly Care about First Responders

Affordable Financial Services is the place to go for first responders. If you’re like me, you like the availability of personnel to answer your questions at all times of the day. This company’s customer service is unparalleled and they were able to secure us the best possible rate. Brian and his team fully understand the needs of first responders and was able to get my growing family into our dream home. Thanks AFS!

-Michael H., Sergeant, NYPD

AFS is the place to go for first responders!

The home purchase process is time consuming, exhausting yet extremely rewarding and worth the process.Luis was our loan officer and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful through. Finally making the necessary sacrifices to be able to purchase a home will have a lasting positive effect on the lives of my family. If I did’nt have Luis there every step of the way I am not sure if I would have followed threw. Thank you Luis and Affordable Financial Services LTD!

Luis at Affordable is amazing!

Brian was extremely helpful and explained the mortgage process thoroughly as we were going through it. We were on a time crunch and Brian worked hard to get our mortgage through in a timely manner.

Extremely helpful and thorough!!

We had a great experience working with Brian and his team. They were always available for any questions we had and guided us in the right direction. Brian projects a caring attitude toward his clients and we always felt like we were the most important. We would highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking to purchase a home.

Brian and his team are great!







“Brian Leibowitz is a MACHINE. He has handled my financing for both of the homes that I own, and a refinancing on the first home I purchased.For my first home, he was able to transfer me out of a loan that had pmi locked into it, and obtain the market low rate (3.85%), which was almost a 2% interest rate drop. Although this sounds like something any mortgage financing company could do, it was most certainly not.

Said loan was with Bank of America, who purchased the loan from Countrywide, and was initiated just prior to the 2008 subprime mortgage crash. Under threat of losing my business, Bank of America was unable to refinance my loan in 2011, and have the pmi removed, even though my property was one of the few that had appreciated post market crash.

Hence, Bank of America lost my business, and my business relationship and trust strengthened with Brian. He came through on what Bank of America could not. He made it happen!

For the second home I purchased, in August of 2016, Brian identified a lien that posted to my credit, after my initial credit report run. The lien was an error that occurred because of a condominium board settlement agreement that had been filed incorrectly. This negatively impacted my credit due to my position as the treasurer for the condominium board. The negative impact brought my credit score from 811 to 708.

As you can imagine, I was enraged and panicked. Said negative impact brought my interest rate, on a jumbo loan with 20% down, from 3.75% to 4.75%, which was a full commission point (a lot of $), one month before my closing.

Brian immediately took action with said issue, utilizing the credit repair team that he keeps on monthly retainer, and walking me through the steps I needed to take to have the lien removed. This included being on speaker phone with me, while I was in the chambers of the judge who initiated the lien, detailing the information that was needed to repair my credit with the three major credit bureaus. The end result was the repair of my credit to 809, just before my closing at 3.75%.

I can not imagine another human being working harder than Brian Leibowitz did for me, on multiple occasions. I am a professional Orthopedic Medical Sales Consultant, and strong customer service is critical to my business success. So, I know how to recognize someone who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, as Brian did.


Anyone can work hard on one given day, it takes a professional to work hard every day, which is how Brian Leibowitz operates. That is why I strongly recommend that you use him for your home purchasing needs.”


Stephen R. Bernous, Manhasset, NY

Brian Leibowitz made the application process as simple as possible. Aside from one initial quirk which was immediately rectified. Always ready to provide an update and explanations pertaining to items I did not understand. I would recommend Affordable Financial Services LTD, they are user friendly, takes the research out of my hands.

Allan & Betty Ahner Medford, NY

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